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Welcome to www.RealEstateDevelopmentClub.com Since you’re here you’ve probably heard our story about how we managed to build a sustainable RED business from small Real Estate Development. 

As authors of RED Armchair Entrepreneurs RED Hot Property Profit$, Professional Registered Architects, Licensed Builders and Real Estate Developers with more than 25 years experience we’ve had so many people ask us how we did it.

So we’ve put together this site where we reveal all the 'tricks of the trade' that helped us to knock years off the learning curve and reap the significant benefits that small Real Estate Development has to offer.

More and more real estate investors (including the so-called Cash flow Gurus) are finding cash flow investment properties harder and harder to come by and are now having to change their wealth creation strategies. 

They're now seeking out professionals to learn more about Property Development so they can literally acquire investment properties at wholesale costs that historically outperform the market.  They're looking for faster ways to increase the value of their properties. Ways they can create cash flow and build their own capital growth so they can fast track their way to financial freedom. 


Real Estate Investing and Property Development can be an extremely exciting and rewarding process even for the novice, especially when you start to see your property development come up, out of the ground.  However with larger profits there are generally bigger risks, so you need to make sure you have an experienced team of property advisors on board and treat Real Estate Development as a serious business. 

But be warned, if you are new or relatively inexperienced at Real Estate Development there are many pitfalls and traps along the way.  Newcomers can get themselves in all sorts of trouble if they don’t know what they're doing or if they fail to seek proper advice.

Real Estate Investing is not always easy. Our aim is to demystify Property Development and show you step-by-step the real estate development process we use and how we're able to minimise our risk and maximise our profits.

We'll show you how we saved ourselves unnecessary worry by starting with small-scale projects like renovations and new home developments.  As we gained confidence and developed our skills this allowed us to move into more complex property development projects with ease.

When you access your FREE Webpage Report you'll find we’ve packed in details of everything we did. You’ll get to look over our shoulders while we show you each step in the property development process.

We'll also let you know how you can get access to some of the resources we use, the names and contact details of other professionals and experts in our personal rolodex plus copies of the real estate investing and property development tools, templates, checklists and calculators we’ve developed along the way that enabled us to build a sustainable RED business.

To introduce yourself, simply fill out your details in the boxes below and you'll get instant access to our FREE Webpage Report where you'll discover the Insider Secrets to building a Sustainable Real Estate Development Business.

We wish you every success!

Adrian and Amber Zenere

P.S. Plus download the following documents: The Benefits of Real Estate Development, How we minimise Real Estate Development Risk and our 8 top tips on how to get started in Real Estate Development.

The Benefits of Real Estate Development How To Minimise Real Estate Development Risk 8 Top Tips For Getting Started In Real Estate Development


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The Small Real Estate Development Book

RED Armchair Entrepreneurs RED Hot Property Profit$


Small Real Estate Development Book For Beginners

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"This valuable book explains the initial property development steps in detail that successful real estate developers use to increase their wealth much faster than the average property investor and how you can use these same strategies to your advantage."

- Eynas Brodie, Editor, Australian Property Investor Magazine.



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"Thanks, I was very impressed with your book 'RED Armchair Entrepreneurs RED Hot Property Profit$' and the whole special bundle of CDs and DVDs. Congratulations - well done"

- Michael Yardney - Best selling author and one of Australia's leading experts in wealth creation through property.




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Helping Beginners Get Started In Small Property Development

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